Should Kids learn to code?

Computer on desktop.“Over the coming years, the delineation between “product design” and “front-end development” as separate functions will disappear.”

This is an excellent article predicting the future merger of design and front-end presentation:

The future of front-end development is design

Businessman using PDA.In this article delineating the differences between front-end and back-end software development, the trends indicate that design and UX will be hand in hand and driven by the user experience.

Think of it as a “carpenter” hired to work on your house.  Framing, roofing, insulation, plastering, chair rail moldings all have differences in tools, skill sets, and attitude.

Should Kids learn to code? Yes, but software coding is like building.  There are many layers of complexity.  Understanding software is always a plus.  But understanding users and needs is the future. This leads to successful products.

“Kids with an interest in building and delivering better experiences for consumers and businesses should double down on design and business instead of developing deep software development expertise.”

What does “learning to code mean”?



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