Mediavatis Consulting LLC  is a new name for the consulting business that has been led by Robert W. Rosentel for over a decade.

With his long relationships with highly capable individuals and associates, Bob tailors the right team to address specific requirements.


Robert W. Rosentel   —  Product Strategist 

Bob began working in Interactive TV in December of 1990 with AT&T, leading to the RCTV trial in Chicago, where he was a key executive in the creation of a service that delivered 8 categories of interactive content updated for consumer’s TVs on a daily basis.

This early work pre-World Wide Web included automated feeds, interactive storybooks, sports features, auctions, shopping, and music sales. All categories were created to link learning, information and shopping with games.

His television production and technical expertise lead him to be chief liaison between VIACOM and AT&T Bell Laboratories for the Castro Valley ITV trial in 1993.

He joined Cablevision in 1995, and was instrumental in many interactive projects, including the introduction of Video-on-Demand to Cablevision’s Long Island and NJ markets, initial deployment of cable modems, and the development of Cablevision’s Emmy Award®winning digital TV service called iO on the new SONY digital set top box.

In 2004, he created the Alwyn Group with partners David Wicks, Gary Arlen and Brian Werther. This consulting organization worked with clients in the online, media, and education space, including new forms of delivery of software to schools.

In 2008, he became SVP of Operations and Process Management for Channel One News, a service that has delivered news programming directly to classrooms for over 20 years.  Bob designed and implemented their major conversion of their network to digital video delivery, which increased reliability and quality for over 4 million daily viewers while dramatically reducing delivery costs.

Integrating consumer needs and research with business issues and interface design has always been Bob’s specialty.

He has been involved in projects that integrate services from TV to website, from cell phone to DVR, and from multiple electronic screens to the delivery of hard goods to the door.

In the course of his interactive career, Bob has been responsible for

    • digital video delivery systems,
    • user interface design,
    • consumer testing,
    • product development and marketing,
    • operational tasks for interactive services,
    • training materials,
    • field trials,
    • client/vendor/partner and distributor relationships

Bob has been a guest lecturer on interactive services at New York University, Columbia Business School, and City College of New York, the Gateway Innovation Center as well as a panelist at many industry conferences.



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