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Mediavatis specializes in the steps that virtualize your efforts to create practical solutions for your company.

Need to re-launch your business in a post-COVID world?

Mediavatis presents “REVISIT”, a framework to help you work through your changes.




Introducing: The Product Design Sprint

Mediavatis has partnered with Provado Marketing to offer a structured, facilitated exercise called “Product Design Sprint”.  An efficient way to unify your team and set your direction for bringing your product to market.  This process was defined and developed at Google Ventures, and we are happy to offer the same process to your company.

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Mediavatis Helps Businesses Embrace Their Futures

Enter the World of InnovationMediavatis Consulting, LLC is a media innovations consultancy  helping clients develop new products and new ways of operating their businesses.   We are your agents of change.

 Mediavatis creates and implements project plans that enable companies to specify,  finance, manage, design, test, and deploy their new projects, products and services.

Senior Strategist and Founder, Robert W. Rosentel brings more than 15 years of consulting and development experience to the organization.

Companies in the media industry face the challenge of building a business for the present and keeping an eye on the future. Drastic changes are in motion in the digital media business and Mediavatis is attuned to delivering  the  best solutions for both immediate and future needs.

What does “Mediavatis”  mean?